Prelude の標準関数 索引

A Tour of the Haskell Prelude の日本語抄訳

A: abs, all, and, any, atan
B: break
C: ceiling, chr, compare, concat, concatMap, const, cos
D: digitToInt, div, drop, dropWhile
E: elem, error, even, exp
F: filter, flip, floor, foldl, foldl1, foldr, foldr1, fromInt, fromInteger, fst
G: gcd
H: head
I: id, init, isAlpha, isDigit, isLower, isSpace, isUpper, iterate
L: last, lcm, length, lines, log
M: map, max, maximum, min, minimum, mod
N: not, notElem, null
O: odd, or, ord
P: pred, putStr, product
Q: quot
R: rem, repeat, replicate, reverse, round
S: show, sin, snd, sort, span, splitAt, sqrt, subtract, succ, sum
T: tail, take, takeWhile, tan, toLower, toUpper, truncate
U: undefined, unlines, until, unwords
W: words
Z: zip, zipWith
演算子: (!!), (.), (**), (^), (^^), (%), (*), (/), (+), (-), (:), (++), (/=), (==), (<), (<=), (>), (>=), (&&), (||)
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